I facilitate a range of leadership and management processes for social impact organizations. And for those clients open to meditation and other creative modalities, I integrate my technical consulting experience with emerging innovative practices for staff and organizational transformation.

My Services

About Me

    My Values

~ Listen 

~Adapt to evolving client needs

~ Work collaboratively and creatively

~ Operate with cultural competence

~ Focus on facilitating customized processes that deliver meaningful results

I assist clients with examining their challenges and goals.

I propose a scope of work that shores up valuable information to manage challenges, mitigate risk, learn,

and develop practices for optimal efficiencies and effectiveness.


My approach and services are informed by being raised by educators, living in diverse communities, working within nonprofits in various departments, earning a M.S. in Public Service Management, and consulting for nearly 50 nonprofits, including museums, schools, corporate charities, churches, associations, foundations, family service organizations, technology support firms, etc.

    My Services




~Program Design

~Human Resource Development

~Nonprofit Tune-Ups

Just like my clients, I am passionate about serving the public good. I meet clients where they are in their organizational life cycles. While I don't push, I prefer to work with clients who are willing to explore exciting possibilities and embrace promising change. 

Actualizing people and organizations for positive social impact 

Jennifer Elise Avers LLC