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~Program Design

~Nonprofit Tune-Ups

~Health & Wellness Sessions

I'm a Social Impact Advisor.

My approach and services are informed by being raised by educators, living in diverse communities, working within nonprofits in various departments, earning a M.S. in Public Service Management, and consulting for nearly 50 organizations, including museums, schools, corporate charities, churches, associations, foundations, social service agencies, technology support firms, etc.

    My Values

~ Listen 

~Adapt to evolving client needs

~ Work collaboratively and creatively

~ Operate with cultural competence

~ Focus on facilitating customized processes that deliver meaningful results

About Me

I assist clients with examining their efforts, challenges, and goals.

I propose a scope of work that shores up valuable information to manage challenges, mitigate risk, learn,

and develop practices for optimal efficiencies and effectiveness.

Jennifer Elise Avers LLC

Just like my clients, I am passionate about serving the public good. I meet clients where they are in their organizational life cycles. While I don't push, I prefer to work with clients who are willing to explore exciting possibilities and embrace promising change. 

I work with people and organizations to support their fullest potentials. My primary clients are nonprofits. And for those clients open to meditation and other creative modalities, I integrate my technical consulting experience with emerging innovative practices for staff and organizational transformation. In addition to my work with organizations, I offer health and wellness services to individuals and families. 

Actualizing people and organizations for positive social impact 


My Services